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Soundway Efficient Speed Reading Workshops & Software
Richard Sutz, Speed Reading Pioneer, Inventor & Author of Speed Reading for Dummies

Soundway develops the most effective speed reading workshops and software available anywhere. Participants and users make significant improvements in both reading and comprehension in the shortest possible time. Tens of thousands of participants from all age groups double or more their reading speeds in as little as 1 day at our workshops.

The ability to read fast and effectively is a vital skill for any student. Whether it’s for formal or informal education, being able to read fast without compromise to comprehension is a real asset. Learning to speed read early in life brings with it lifelong benefits that will give your child clear advantages every day.

In line with our motto Read Faster, Work Smarter, Live Better, we aim to help your child unlock their fullest reading potential. With more than 40 years of time-tested tools, scientifically proven techniques, research and learning designs, combined with state-of-the-art technology, Soundway’s speed reading programs are all about guiding your child towards a more fulfilling academic, professional and personal life.

The Reality Is There Is A Direct Correlation Between Reading Speed And Educational Achievement.

Here Are Just A Few Reasons To Attend A Soundway Efficient Speed Reading Workshop

  • 1

    Create a highly effective learning experience.

  • 2

    Build your confidence.

  • 3

    Save more time than you ever thought was possible.

  • 4

    Expand your vocabulary and language.

  • 5

    Gain a healthy balance of learning and leisure.

  • 6

    Expand your reading interests.

  • 7

    Use adaptive reading strategies based on what you read.

Ultimately, to be a successful student, you need excellent mental and emotional health. Taking the opportunity to spend time with your family, socializing with friends, contributing time to worthy causes, or even relaxing by yourself, does wonders for your personal wellbeing. It provides a much more ideal alternative to submerging yourself in studies all day.

The journey to becoming an efficient speed reader begins with a single step. Soundway’s programs provide a comprehensive and immediately applicable blueprint to becoming an outstanding speed reader. Fast. You’ll see significant gains in a day or we’ll give you your money back. That’s how confident we are.