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Thank you for taking the time to use the Soundway Reading Speed Grader. As promised, here is your personalized Soundway Reading Speed Profile containing a detailed evaluation of your test score.


Based on your child’s test results, the average rate of reading is 0 Words Per Minute (WPM). This  score ranks your child as a Poor Reader. What this score means is that your child reads at a rate that is below the average reading speed. You may find that your child:

  • Can read short, simple texts with some ease.
  • Struggles to complete reading assignments.
  • Struggles to focus while studying or completing schoolwork.
  • Shows little to know interest in reading.

The good news is that there is plenty of room for your child to improve on reading skills – and it can be done quickly. You may feel your child struggles with homework and in the classroom because of the amount of reading involved.  Almost all assignments, examinations, class discussions and presentations involve reading. This is true from the primary level through university studies. Typically the focus on teaching specific reading techniques lessens after achieving a basic reading fluency in the early elementary years. However, there are many effective speed reading techniques that will improve your child’s school performance – fast.