Content Page 3 Advanced Speed Reader Executives

Thank you for taking the time to use the Soundway Reading Speed Grader. As promised, here is your personalized Soundway Reading Speed Profile containing a detailed evaluation of your test score.


Based on your test results, your average rate of reading is 0 Words Per Minute (WPM). This score ranks you as an Advanced Speed Reader. What this score means is that you read at a rate that is significantly higher than that of most readers. You may find that:

  • You produce good quality work on time.
  • You can read a wide variety of reading material (nonfiction, fiction, newspaper articles, technical papers, literature, etc.) with ease.
  • You finish reading documents faster than your colleagues.
  • You enjoy reading.

You’re doing very well, however there is still some room to improve your reading skills so you can read and understand texts even faster.  For a successful adult and professional, reading is required for numerous purposes. Reading and understanding the many important documents on a professional’s plate can be a time-consuming and difficult task for even the most seasoned and experienced reader. Skills and techniques for speed reading are essential for you as you continue to grow as a professional. These abilities will increase your productivity both personally and professionally.