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Thank you for taking the time to use the Soundway Reading Speed Grader. As promised, here is your personalized Soundway Reading Speed Profile containing a detailed evaluation of your test score.


Based on your child’s test results, the average rate of reading is 0 Words Per Minute (WPM). This score ranks your child as an Above Average ReaderWhat this score means is that your child reads at a rate that is higher than that of the average reader. You may find that your child:

  • Can usually complete assignments on time.
  • Sometimes struggles to finish reading somewhat complex nonfiction texts.
  • Sometimes struggles to focus while completing a large amount of reading tasks
  • Occasionally enjoys reading for pleasure.

Your child is doing well, however there is still lots of room to improve. Reading is an essential part of successful schooling.  Almost all assignments, examinations, class discussions and presentations involve reading. This is true from the primary level right through university studies.By developing your child’s speed reading skills early, life-long benefits will be gained. Many of the most successful students are excellent speed readers. They are able to absorb information quickly and accurately. Research has shown that these literacy skills can be taught and learned quickly. Your child too can enjoy the benefits of sharpening these important reading skills.